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Legend by Marie Lu


In the world of Legend there is no United States instead there are two countries at war and plague spreading through the west coast. You think it can’t get any worse but it does when murder strikes. The victim’s name was Metias and he just happened to be prodigy June’s older brother. When June finds out she blames the criminal legend Day and sets out for revenge. And after meeting by chance, June gets her revenge but not in the way she was hoping for. Now, Day and June  uncover the secrets of their country (the Republic) including who really killed June’s brother.

What I Thought of Legend

When I first opened this book I could not stop reading it! At first sight, I thought the plot would be overdone and not well-thought through especially after I heard Marie Lu was an art director.  But, after reading the first few chapters,  I was pleasantly surprised with how well Marie Lu ties the story together and establishes the characters. Not only was the storyline action-packed and detailed, but suspensefully written with just the right touch of tragedy and dystopia. Additionally the characters were very clever and witty while also caring and empathetic, which was a great and needed feature.

The most memorable aspect of Legend was the main setting of a dystopian Los Angeles. Stricken with plague violence and an oppressive government, Marie Lu’s powerful detail will make it hard to forget or look at Los Angeles the same way.

 Overall Rating: 5 Stars