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You’ll Like it Here (Everybody Does) by Ruth White


It’s hard being a Blue. Especially since the Blue’s aren’t humans. They’re aliens who are now being forced to relocate from Earth to Fashion City, a seemingly perfect place with Earth like qualities. But as the Blue’s begin to settle in they realize that the city isn’t as perfect as it may seem. With the entire city brainwashed and creativity made a crime the Blue’s know they must escape. But they are too late, their Grandpa (Gramps) has just been moved to a tropical paradise where he will eventually be killed because of his age. Gramps’ life is on the line, and the remaining Blue’s are running out of time.

What I Thought of You’ll Like it Here (Everybody Does)

Although I thought the concept was good I didn’t quite enjoy this book. There were two problems, the characters and the storyline. The two main aliens in the book were sometimes very naive and a tad reckless. For example, they constantly forgot about curfews or got themselves on the news because of trying to impose creativity when they were going to leave anyway. Moreover, David’s point of view was barely depicted and seemed more like a side character than anything else. Which led the book to not only seem sloppy, but very confusing affecting the plot greatly. The action, if any, was very choppy and came across pointless. For example, when the Blues were at the park and a murderer randomly showed up. What? Without the necessary organization, Ruth White has molded some wonderful ideas into a substandard book that I will not read again.

The most memorable thing about You’ll Like it Here was the many celebrities Meggie and David met and how they were without their creativity. The author had some excellent portrayals of some of the most famous people and what they would be like without their imagination.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars