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Hidden by Helen Frost


Wren and Darra live on two very different sides of the track. Darra struggles with an abusive, unemployed father and Wren enjoys a happy life with a loving family. It seems like never, in a million years will these two be associated with each other until Darra’s father accidentally kidnaps Wren. Luckily Wren is able to escape, but unluckily for Darra’s father, he is thrown in jail for his crime. Six years have passed since then and now Wren and Darra meet for the first time at a camp. Tensions are rising, and the girls will either forgive and forget or be enemies forever.

What I Thought of Hidden

Even with its shortness I thought Helen Frost did a spectacular job with this book. The plot was realistic, well-paced and packed with drama and action, keeping it interesting. Additionally intriguing was the way it was written. Entirely in poems! And the poems weren’t sloppy, they were descriptive and nicely done. Moreover, I thought because of the poetry the characters wouldn’t be as high quality but as it turns out both characters developed fine and were very believable and relatable. Helen Frost very clearly but much time and effort into this book, even with its deceiving dwarf size.

Obviously, the upfront most unforgettable thing about Hidden were the poems. Not one book (excluding Shel Silverstein) I’ve read has been composed of poems alone and Helen Frost did a great job with it. She definitely deserves to be a Printz Honor Book author.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars