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Matched by Ally Condie


Cassia has forever been loyal to the government. Since as long as Cassia can remember they make the decisions for her and make sure she lives a happy and fulfilling life. Up until her seventeenth birthday and the day of her Match ceremony. Just as she’s positive that she will marry Xander, a glitch occurs and Ky, an aberration who is not allowed to marry, flashes onto the screen. At this, Cassia begins to question her society’s ways and for the first time asks, “Why don’t I have a choice?”

What I Thought of Matched

I apologize to all Ally Condie fans out there, but didn’t like this book much.  And by that I mean, not at all. When I first heard about this book I thought I would love it, and everyone was reading it. The book sounded very different and intriguing from my friends so I dived right in. Expecting love at first page, I was disappointed as I realized just how underwhelming the book is. The storyline is plainly just boring! Nothing much happened but writing cursive, reading poetry and throwing things away. There were some times when action snook into the plot but it usually wasn’t meaningful. For example, Cassia got a poem from her dying grandfather and she threw it away, but when she got a napkin with cursive on it she cherished it. I guess that was very confusing to me and it made Cassia seem mean, which I don’t think she is. Cassia generally comes across as naive and dumb. Which is understandable (she never made choices herself) but not fun to read. Then comes the romance, I’m guessing this book was supposed to be really romantic but really Cassia and Ky were more like friends than anything else. And actually I like that better, except the author wasted most of her energy on trying to make it  an unneeded romance. Which is why this book seemed like a drag sometimes.

The most unforgettable aspect of this book was the Matching ceremony. I would never have thought of computers sorting out your likes and dislikes and then picking a perfect partner for you. It’s like online dating and personality tests taken to an extreme. Pretty cool idea actually.

Overall Rating: 2.5 Stars