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When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead


Miranda has a normal life, a family, a place to stay, and a friend named Sal. Sure, we can’t forget about the crazy man on the corner, but overall she is a typical girl. But when Sal gets punched by a strange boy, basically ditches Miranda for his other friends, and she receives several odd notes, her life is turned upside down more than she could ever imagine. At first, she is just a bit creeped out , but then she gets an even more cryptic note: I am coming to save your friend’s life, and my own. I ask two favors. First, you must write me a letter.

What I Thought of When You Reach Me

This book was one of those that leaves you to think about long after you have finished reading. The voice of Miranda is well thought out, making her a believable character.  The story is fantastic, nothing predictable in the least bit. When You Reach Me deals with sometimes confusing subjects such as time travel, but the author handles it well. One improvement could be to not switch tenses as much. When Stead did, it was a bit harder to understand. As for the genre, this book has a mix of mystery, sci-fi, realistic fiction, and fantasy. It deals with difficult social situations as a realistic fiction book would, including making friends and coping with irritating peers. It has time travel like a fantasy novel, or a science fiction book. Lastly, as Miranda unravels this compelling puzzle, the book transforms into a mystery. Overall, I would give When You Reach Me a 5 out of a total 5 stars. It is a great read!

One of the most memorable parts of this book is when Miranda crawls into the crazy man’s hiding space and everything falls into place. The author really ties everything together very well and answers most of my questions, yet still leaves an air of mystery.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars