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Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen

tsbCole Matthews is a fifteen year old delinquent; stealing, hitting, yet dodging jail all the while. Now that he has savagely beaten another boy for ratting on him though, prison is a huge possibility. He has one other choice: to spend a year alone on an unpopulated island with only basic supplies. Cole snatches the opportunity without second thoughts, but has no idea what he is about to encounter.

What I Thought of Touching Spirit Bear

I have two main problems with this survival/realistic fiction book: (A), it is overly gory, and (B), the character building is very weak. First, some portions of this book are revolting and sometimes better to just skip. I understand that the book is meant to be realistic, but for the faint of heart, this is just too much. Second, the developments that Cole makes over the course of the book are not at all unique and entirely predictable, compared to the other bad-kid behavior transformation books. He makes a sudden and rushed personality change that wasn’t thorough at all. Overall, the idea behind TSB was interesting, but the plot was somewhat hasty. I would give Touching Spirit Bear a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

A memorable moment in Touching Spirit Bear was when Cole has the evidence that he saw the bear (a clump of the fur) and tosses it away because he is done with trying to prove himself to others. I thought this was brave and kind of the turning point in the story.

 Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars