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Mind Games by Kiersten White


Annie and Fia, the main protagonists, agree to attend an elite boarding school called the Keane Institute, the main setting and where most of the book takes place. Fia had a bad feeling about the Keane Institute from the start and unfortunately her intuition was right; this is where the conflict begins. Here, Fia is exploited for her razor-sharp instincts, while Annie (who is blind but can see the future) is regarded as useless and is used to force Fia to submit to the school’s amoral actions. This strains their relationship and Fia decides to rebel against the school to stop the exploitation of her self and other students. However, Annie has been told the school will fix her eyesight (a lie) and does not want Fia to take action. In this dystopian future, the choices made in the end by the characters may surprise and shock you.

What I Thought of Mind Games

When I first started reading Mind Games, I appreciated how the author made the characters real by giving the reader insight into their feelings. Additionally, I liked all the action and suspense but it seemed like this became her sole focus to the detriment of her ending. The overly dramatic conclusion seemed like a sloppy shortcut and it brought my rating from good to okay. Still, Mind Games may be a good fit for people who enjoy thrillers and science fiction. In my opinion, the age range is sixth grade or older and, if you like Paranormalcy or Kiersten White in general, you should go for it! You may enjoy it more than I did!

In this book a memorable moment was when Fia annoys her mind-reading teacher for fun. This moment was funny and noteworthy because it shows Fia’s playful character.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars