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Storm Runners by Roland Smith

Chastorm runnersse Masters and his father are Storm Runners-constantly on the move as the follow huge storms. Although he hasn’t attended formal school since their gig started, Chase has learned more than he can imagine. But when his life and others’ are in danger, will all those skills come in handy, or will the storm defeat the Master?

What I Thought of Storm Runners

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as it is packed with action, suspense, and anticipation. As readers, we do not learn much about Chase’s personality, but I think that is included more in the other two books in this series. Otherwise, I liked the writing style and tone. The slang (such as “Spanglish”) and perspective really made the teen character more believable. The family loss aspect of the story was definitely interesting and unexpected on my part, although I did not like how it really didn’t impact the story and how it was almost ignored. I do wish that Storm Runners was longer and more detailed in the beginning, but apart from that, it was a natural disaster thrill-ride, perfect for younger kids, and especially boys! Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5 stars!

The most memorable part of this book is when the bus crashes in the middle of the storm. I had been anxiously awaiting for this to happen, and I think it occurred in perfect timing  with just enough suspense previous.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars