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Insurgent by Veronica Roth


Chicago is on the verge of total warfare, the factions are falling and Divergence is becoming increasingly more dangerous. One wrong move can destroy life as they knew it for Tris and Four who have recently fled to the harmonious Amity where they hope to find peace. Unfortunately for them, they find everything but peace with gunfire, serums and deadly simulations everywhere they look. This dangerous environment leads Tris to make a wrenching decision that may cost her everything.

What I Thought of Insurgent

This book was not as good as Divergent but it was, yet again, an amazing read. The storyline was abundant with action and I certainly enjoyed the suspense and deceit in addition to the many surprises and twists involved. While Four and Christina remain terrific characters, the main character, Tris, does not impress me much. I feel like if she really is a third Erudite, she should be a little more clever and less reckless. Still, this book was more than just okay and, if you liked Divergent, I would say to go for it! At least you’ll never be bored!

The most memorable moment in Insurgent was when the Amity gave Tris a serum to make her ultra carefree and gleeful. I thought it was hilarious and it was amusing to me and my friends.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars