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The Summer I Learned to Fly by Dana Reinhardt

the summer i learned to flyDrew is not a typical girl, as she is certainly a bit of an outsider: she has her deceased father’s Book of Lists,  an extensive knowledge of cheese due to her also eccentric mother’s cheese shop, a rat named Humboltd after her favorite cheese (this food is very influential on her life) , and most importantly to her, a huge crush on the already dating and much older surfer boy Nick. She is nearly an eighth grader when Emmett Crane comes into her life via the alley behind the shop. He is packed with mysteries but still seems nice enough. Emmett leads her on many adventures, but may  end up breaking her heart.

What I Thought of The Summer I Learned to Fly

I thought that this book would be an average love story, but it truly surprised me. The characters developed well and the romance was not over the top. It was gradual and spread out; like every good romance should be. And while waiting for the relationship to fully form, other happenings keep us busy. In some books like this, the in-between events seem out of place, but these actually had meaning and significance. Although I did love the quirky characters and their originality, one problematic aspect is that I truly was not connected to the characters consequently caused by their extreme oddities. This is a bit of a double edged sword. In the ending, which was meant to be sad, didn’t affect me much because I did not really care much about the characters. Otherwise, I thought this book was pretty good, not too special, but a good read for romance and realistic fiction lovers. I give it an overall rating of 4 stars.

The most memorable part of The Summer I Learned to Fly is the ending. To not divulge the conclusion, I will simply say that although it didn’t kindle any extreme emotions, it was still a powerful and daring way of finishing.

Overall rating: 4 Stars