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A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park

Salva and Nya don’t have easy paths to travel and the journey to salvation requires them to survive their past to find a better future.

Salva’s war-torn village is in chaos and, lost and confused, he and a few others leave to find safety. Salva is afraid he may be the sole survivor of his family but he doesn’t give up hope.

Nya is also on the road but she is searching for the water her family desperately needs. Without it, sickness is inevitable and she is in constant fear of getting ill and possibly dying.

What I Thought of A Long Walk to Water

Even though A Long Walk to Water is told in only a hundred pages, it deserves a good review. I enjoyed the alternating view points and loved the fact that it was non-fiction! However, it was very vague in general and I really wanted to know more. The character development was weak even though we learned a lot about them indirectly through their actions. Overall, A Long Walk to Water was pretty good and a satisfying read for any non-fiction lover.

One memorable moment in A Long Walk to Water was when Salva decided to establish Water for Sudan. Especially since this is a true story, this was an unforgettable and wonderful part of the book. It showed how much he cared about others and it showed his character.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars