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Quarterback Season by Fred Bowen

Quarterback-Season-Bowen-Fred-9781561455942Matt has a big challenge: to win the spot of quarterback versus an extremely talented and quick 7th grader named Devro. Practice is intense, with both boys playing to their max, and now Matt’s teacher is insisting that he puts more effort into writing his journal. The topic is easy: football. But will juggling the project and football practices and games be too much for Matt, or will he be able to swing it?

What I Thought of Quarterback Season

This short sports book is definitely aimed for boys. Not only is it quick and not too detailed, it is also very action packed throughout. As a girl, I was really hoping for a more elaborate and thorough explanation but was let down by an average and boring sports book. I guess boys would relate more, as the main character is a guy and the sport is football. One thing I found interesting was how Matt’s writing kept progressing and the letters he occasionally got from his teacher. Otherwise, it was more of a boy book and a bit cliché. I give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

My favorite part of this book is when Matt realizes that Devro truly wasn’t out to get him or anything, because it was a turning point in the story. Throughout the book, Matt thinks of Devro as a rival or enemy, yet now he thinks of him as more of a colleague and teammate.

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars