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Surviving the Applewhites by Stephanie S. Tolan

d5622-164139882With spiked hair and piercings, Jake Semple is a mean kid. He has been expelled from every school in his home state and he thinks surviving the Applewhites will be a breeze…until he meets them. The Applewhites are an artsy and eccentric family that run their own school based around art. But that’s not the only difference between his former schools and the Creative Academy, if Jake screws up this one he’ll be going to jail! Will Jake be able to change for his own good or will he be forever known as the juvenile delinquent?

What I Thought of Surviving the Applewhites

All in all, this was an okay book. The novel is very unique, I’ll give the author that, but I didn’t have very strong emotions while reading it. First of all, the plot was distorted. In addition to Jake’s main goal of surviving the Applewhites, there was another girl with the same problem! On top of that, their was Randolph Applewhite’s play complications that influenced the entire story line. Personally, this was a little much and although it made the book memorable, it felt overdone.

Jake Semple was a well-developed and strong believable character. However, Jake’s qualities were not present in most of the other characters. Instead, the Applewhites felt exaggerated and plainly overdone! Since all of the characters were thirsty for attention, Jake was rarely in the spotlight and often in the backround! To me, this was too confusing and elaborate which is why I am only giving this novel a few stars.

One memorable moment in this very memorable book, is when Jake finds E.D.’s much needed Great Spangled Fritillary and gives it to her for her project. This was the first sign of Jake beginning to change and helped me understand Jake’s character better and with more depth.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars