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Bulu: African Wonder Dog by Dick Houston

The Tolans, Anna and Stevebulu,  are a middle-aged couple who decide that they are getting bored where they are in England. So they move to “the bush” of Africa and build their own house. Soon they find that they would enjoy the company of a animal companion (a tame one, that is). Not long after, they have a tiny and uncharacteristically quiet terrier along side them. It is named “Bulu”,  or “wild dog” in the native language. Anna and Steve are in for quite a wild ride with their new dog…..

What I Thought of Bulu: African Wonder Dog

My favorite non-fiction novel of all time, Bulu (African Wonder Dog) pulled me into the jaw-snapping, venom-spitting, and feet-stomping world of Africa’s wild. Everyone told the Tolans that Bulu wouldn’t last long, but instead he ruled the bush! I thought the way the author described Bulu and all of the other characters was spot on. Their personalities matched up with their actions, which is important in a non-fiction novel.  It was clear that the author did not want to make many mistakes and most likely spent a lot of time with the real people to figure out how it all went down. Some of Bulu’s actions were amazing and seemingly impossible for a normal dog to do, but he pulled it off. The ending to this book is heart-breaking and touching all in one, and Houston wrote it with such grace I would read it again in a second. I truly never thought that I would ever enjoy a non-fiction book like this one, but here it is: a five star rating for Bulu: African Wonder Dog.

The most memorable part of this book is definitely the ending, as the conclusion was inevitable what with all that had happened in the last chapters, but it was still so sad. Bulu, (the dog and the book) has a special place in my heart forever.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars