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The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

The_City_of_EmberTo the people of Ember, their city is the only shred of light against the infinitely dark Unknown Regions. Ember is the only hope in a sea of bad. Now increasingly longer blackouts are threatening the citizens’ safety. The lights are going out. Lina, who thought she would lead a normal and noble life, has found an odd archive that threatens that certitude. Doon has uncovered something interesting down in his workspace the Pipeworks. In an astounding way, their findings and lives will collide.

What I Thought of The City of Ember

DuPrau came out with an original and captivating story of two cool characters and a creative city. The character building was phenomenal, as Doon and Lina both had clear-cut and original personalities that showed throughout the entire story. Speaking of the story, I loved the idea of blackouts, as the suspense the characters experienced when the inevitable lights-out times were looming created powerful emotions, which the author also aced. All of the feelings the characters went through were genuine and reasonable; the emotions weren’t overdone nor were they underdone. Many of their actions were virtuous and agreeable, as they managed to push through and make the smarter decision even if it went against all of their previous beliefs. This makes them even stronger characters. Going into this read, I was expecting a predictable and boring dystopian novel. In fact, DuPrau seemed devoted to straying off the beaten path with her books. Did she go with the norm of a trilogy? Nope, she wrote four equally well-crafted books. Did she create a crazed antagonist who causes every problem imaginable? Definitely not, the blackouts are primarily caused by a not-so-wise mayor who makes a stupid mistake. There are tons more different traits about the City of Ember, but this is not to say the City of Ember isn’t dystopian, because it is (among other genres it fits right in with). It is also not to demote this genre’s awesomeness. I simply enjoyed the author’s unique take on dystopia. Overall, the City of Ember is an original novel that opens up a fantastic series and deserves 5 stars!

Memorable moments in this book are when the blackouts occur because they were unpredictable, suspenseful, and sporadic. They had the perfect amount of adrenaline and dread that resulted in unforgettable scenes and added even more action to this epic book.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars