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The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo

tale_of_DespereauxDesperaux is a tiny mouse born into the household of royalty including Princess Pea and the king. He is not just a tiny mouse though, he also sports uncharacteristically huge ears and an odd knack for reading (instead of chewing) books. In addition to Desperaux, this book tells of Roscuro, a rough and tough dungeon rat. Lastly, it reads of Miggery, an unintelligent and abused farm-girl turned servant who has a single, far-fetched wish. The Tale of Desperaux is a story of improbable heroes and the importance of love and light.

What I Thought of The Tale of Desperaux

First of all, the character building was superb. Every one of the characters: Desperaux (pronounced like “Despurroh”), Roscuro, Miggery, and Princess Pea were fresh and original. They worked into the plot seamlessly! Speaking of the plot, the storyline was equally unique and interesting. I loved how the characters fit in perfectly and made huge steps towards being better people (and rodents, of course) throughout the book. The Tale of Desperaux also bears important messages, one of which is “Be Yourself”. Desperaux faced huge consequences for interacting with humans and refusing to eat books, yet relentlessly defended his love for the Princess and his adoration of reading. This conveys the powerful theme that you should never let anyone change who you are.  Another awesome aspect of this novel is that  it can be enjoyed at any age. I first read it a very young age but have also heard of preteens and even adults enjoying this book! Overall, The Tale of Desperaux is a captivating story for all ages and deserves 4.5 out of 5 stars.

A memorable moment in this book is when Desperaux initially meets Princess Pea. That moment significantly changed his perspective on humans and impacted the story in a huge way. It was written with such finesse and grace that it was an unforgettable scene.

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars