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The Eye of Minds by James Dashner


In the future, almost everyone is a gamer due to access a virtual reality game called, The Sleep. One of those gamers is Michael, a genius hacker who enjoyed spending virtual time with his friends, Bryson and Sarah. But Michael’s online life becomes massively more complicated when VNS (The Sleep’s regulators) discovers his hacking skills. They recruit him and his friends to take down Kaine, a dangerous hacker keeping gamers inside the game. Michael knows this is risky but he and his friends both agree Kaine must be stopped, and they are the only ones who can do it.

What I Thought of The Eye of Minds

Sure, when you read the premise it looks sort of nerdy and not at all a girl book, but, to tell the truth, this was a very entertaining book. With a thrilling plot, unforgettable characters and an unique and creative story, The Eye of Minds was a fantastic novel. James Dashner showed off many of his English talents when writing the plot, making The Eye of Minds arguably as good as The Maze Runner! Not only can Dashner smoothly put tension and suspense in his novels, but his description is thorough and almost flawless. But that’s not all that’s flawless—the characters also nearly blew me away in The Eye of Minds. Michael, Bryson and Sarah all seemed very realistic and I enjoyed being able to relate throughout the book. Additionally, I liked how brave and adventurous the trio was; even though they had their hardships they always seemed to be able to bounce back.

My personal favorite scene in this book was when Michael was kidnapped by The Sleep’s agents. This part was my favorite because of all the action and excitement this scene provided but also because it was unexpected and well constructed.

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars