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Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

14.-Enders-Game-Orson-Scott-CardWhen Ender’s monitor was removed, he thought he would never get into Battle School, much less fight a war with the alien Bugger race. But after Colonel Graff shows up at the Wiggin’s doorstep, Ender knows he was dead wrong. His brilliance, combined with the dual strengths of compassion and ruthlessness, makes him a prized student in both battle school and command school, but will it be enough to stop the commencing war?

What I Thought of Ender’s Game

Orson Scott Card is a well regarded author and if you read Ender’s Game you will easily discover why. The book was written in 1985 and it is still popular and relevant today for its outstanding plot and lovable characters. Even though it could be a little slow (a problem I find in most books), usually there was enough suspense and excitement going on to keep me interested. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed the sub-plot as I liked learning more about Peter and Valentine.

This brings me to the second piece of Ender’s Game I loved: the characters. The differences and similarities all seemed very realistic and I thought a great add by the author was that Ender was a combination of his two siblings. Also, Ender’s feelings in Battle School were very relatable.

One memorable part of this book is when Ender ruthlessly beats up the boy who had bullied him for years. It was a fantastic show of Ender’s character and cleverly foreshadowed more brutality to come.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars