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Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Review Written by Guest Blogger Sarah

10194157Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo is about a timid girl named Alina Starkov. She is enlisted in the first army of Ravka as a mapmaker with her friend Mal who is an amazing tracker. They are crossing the fold, a swirling swath of darkness when they are attacked by monsters. While trying to protect herself and others Alina lets off a burst of light. She is a grisha, powerful sorcerers and sorceresses that wield special powers. Alina can summon the sun’s light, therefore she is a sun summoner, one of the most powerful grisha ever. Also, the only sun summoner ever. She is taken to the darkling who is the most powerful grisha. He can summon the darkness with a mere flick of his hand. He is the leader of the second army of Ravka which consists of grisha. He confirms that Alina is a grisha. Alina stays at the little palace where she will learn to control her power with other grisha. As Alina starts to fit in in her new home she is torn farther from Mal. And discovers a secret that could ruin everything she has come to love.


What Sarah Thought of Shadow and Bone

I thought Shadow and Bone was intriguing with lots of adventure and action. Many scenes had lots of things going on at once. The plot was developing really quickly, I couldn’t put the book down till I had gotten through some of the scenes. The setting is in a dystopian future, but with castles, kings, and queens. I thought this was a nice twist since usually if a book is in the future there is lots of technology. The author’s description of this setting was very detailed with lots of good vocabulary. The use of specific words helped me imagine the setting more clearly. When Alina is seeing the palace for the first time I felt like I was it seeing it too. The characters were really easy to get to know and understand. I really liked Alina’s personality and how she feels like she is being pulled in multiple directions. In several situations I felt like I was Alina, first finding out I have power, not fitting in or having to leave Mal behind. All these concepts led to an amazing story and I thought this was overall an amazing book.

I thought the most memorable scene is when Alina finally lets go of Mal and embraces her power. It was a big moment in the book because Alina finally accepts that she will never see Mal again. She decides to embrace her new life and power.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

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