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We Beat the Street: How a Friendship Pact Led to Success by George W. Jenkins,Sampson Davis, Rameck Hunt, and Sharon Draper

wbtsWhen you are raised in the rough areas of Newark, New Jersey, it is easiest to just follow the crowd into dealing drugs, gangs, and ultimately jail sentences. But three boys, Rameck, Sam, and George, do not want to go that path. They want to become some of the few people from their neighborhood to grow up to successful and legal lives. Through all the bad temptations endlessly offered by friends and acquaintances, can these boys hold out and become prosperous doctors?

What I Thought of We Beat The Street: How a Friendship Pact Led to Success

This biography of three strong characters who want to beat the odds was not only interesting but also inspiring. One of the first things I will say about this book is that it was written very much like a fiction book, to the point where I thought that it was fiction for a little while! I think the authors did a good job writing toward teens, knowing that no teen wants to read about a boring biography. Nothing about WBTS was boring at all! Although it was full of action, the message was also clearly conveyed: no matter where you’re from, what you want to do, you can do it with a little bit of hope and determination. This story is an extreme example of that. Three friends named Sam, Rameck, and George who reside in the rough city of Newark share a common interest: a career as a doctor. They eventually make a pact to do just that, and from that point on, the book is all about resisting the easy-way out and just becoming a druggie or dealer. I think this book resonates with a lot of teens, high-schoolers in particular, who have to turn down bad offers like drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, etc., except that the boys were dealing with those things from a much younger age. When you are born into a world where there is so much bad around you, it is harder to know what exactly is right. It makes me understand that some people who get into those things only do so because that’s the only way of living they’ve ever known. So when somebody (or three) overcomes these challenges, it is an exceptional feat. Overall, We Beat The Street is a great book for anyone who needs a little uplifting, and also for anyone seeking an interesting non-fiction to read. I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars!

My favorite moments in WBTS were when each character told the story of how they got the idea to become doctors. I thought they were very interesting and unforgettable, especially Sampson’s!

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars