Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

After Lena escaped the cure, made it over the fence and gotten into “The Wilds” she was in complete despair. She’d lost touch with Alex, she was uncertain on how to survive and her only hope was a group of strangers who’d taken her in. At first, Lena thought it was all over, she had no hope and no plan whatsoever. But a kind but stern Raven taught her it was time to carry on and move forward. Taking this advice to heart, Lena decides to join the DFA (Deliria-Free America) to try to find a way to restore society and bring back love. But along the way, Lena finds love where she least expects it, love that changes her life forever.

What I Thought of Pandemonium

Sometimes it’s good to have your expectations broken, other times not so much. With Alex gone and a whole new world of possibilities I thought there would be way more exciting storyline. Instead, I got an overload of drama and a lot of thinking, sitting around and talking. Yes, there were the few occurrences of enthralling action but nothing close to what I had previously anticipated. This aspect immensely disappointed me and I actually skipped a few pages! What can I say? The book was dull… Well, except for the times when you were caught in a tidal wave of drama! Reading this “tidal wave” felt like a roller-coaster that only went up, the tension kept rising and rising to the point where it was overwhelming, almost exhausting! To put it mildly, this was a very hard book to enjoy. I know what you’re thinking, “If she’s writing so negatively about this why did she give it three stars?” And the reason is simple: the character growth. Like I said in the synopsis above, Lena went from a scared rule-follower to an independent and determined rebel. Lauren Oliver did so well with this I wish I could give her more credit! If you read this book for any reason at all do it for Lena you’ll at least be impressed by that. A favorite moment of mine is when a DFA meeting is raided. I liked this because it was one of the few scenes with a lot of action.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars