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A Wrinkle In Time By Madeleine L’engle

Meg is a complete misfit in her community, complete with a missing father who people suspect is being untrue, a strange, almost psychic brother, and braces, glasses, and clumsiness. But when given the opportunity by thr18131ee peculiar women to rescue her father from a far away land, her stubbornness is overcome by courage. Her, her new friend Calvin, her beloved brother Charles, and her three new guardians set out on a mind-bending journey to save Mr. Murry.  But the problem with this is that messing with time is a dangerous thing, and all of their lives could be in danger.

What I Thought of A Wrinkle In Time

First off, I loved the characters! They were all so new and interesting, but also flawed (I can not stand when characters are just so perfect). My personal favorite was Meg because I respect  her stubbornness, but I also like Charles Wallace’s silent genius, and Calvin’s super kind behavior. Also, I loved the whole idea of tessering, something I had never read about or even thought about! Overall, this book’s uniqueness was a strong suit. Honestly, I couldn’t find anything wrong with this book! The plot was suspenseful, page-turning, and very thought-provoking. I thought the emotions of the characters, or Meg in particular, were perfectly interpreted by L’engle. I also liked how all this action builds up to such a simple answer that can teach us all a few things. To sum it all up, I loved just about everything about A Wrinkle In Time, the plot, the characters, and many other small details too!

The only thing that annoyed me a bit was Charles Wallace’s arrogance. He just thought that he could escape IT, overcome something that has ruled an entire country for ages?  He put  Meg in an enormous amount of danger, and was almost not able to be rescued. Obviously this is his main fault, but it was still irritating. Another thing I found strange is that after literally one night of knowing each other Meg and Calvin were already best friends. I guess it was kind of fairy-tale friendship, because Calvin is super sweet and caring towards Meg and Charles Wallace, but still.

One last thing that I love about this book is that it has such great morals and themes (love, friendship, etc.) while still being a fantastic fiction novel. Which means it can be read by kids, teens, adults, or anyone who wants a powerful yet compelling read! Overall, with a great such a great story and message, this book is utterly timeless, deserving five out of five stars.

A favorite moment in A Wrinkle In Time is when Mrs. Whatsit becomes the new creature because it was such an appalling moment for Meg and also left a lot of room for imagination on my part.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars