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The Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner

Upon completing The Path, Michael found some shocking news. He’s tangent, nothing more than a strain of code. Downloaded by Kaine into the brain of an innocent boy, Michael is in the real world now. But the danger remains as Michael isn’t the only one who was transferred into another’s brain, anyone who enters the VirtNet is at risk for being corrupted with tangent consciousness. It’s up to Michael and his friends to stop Kaine but in a world full of deceit will their instincts and programming skill be enough?

What I Thought of The Rule of Thoughts

With an explosive ending to The Eye of Minds, (and a lengthy one-year wait) I found that, although this book is a great read, it doesn’t deserve a five star rating.

There were many things I cherished about this novel but at the same time, there are multiple flaws that were hard to ignore. One of the most frustrating was that there was virtually no character development. I was hoping that since Michael had become a human us readers would uncover some exciting hidden layers in his character. But that never happened which dissapointed me greatly. Another problem was Michael’s feelings for Sarah. I couldn’t figure out if Michael liked Sarah and if Sarah liked him back or if Bryson knew or anything! This became increasingly annoying throughout the book and in my opinion, I’d rather not have any romance. In my opinion, it would ruin the friendship with Bryson, who’s my favorite character. These two blemishes definitely prevented me from fully enjoying the book but I did find many good qualities that kept me interested in reading this.

What I liked the most was the constant action. It almost never failed in suspense and tension and I was flipping through the pages like nobody’s business. In addition, the story is really fast-paced and full of twists and turns, even at the very end. Along with this great plot, I also found great characters just like the last book. They are all full of personality and are realatable to an unexplainable level. Not only that, but Michael, Sarah and Bryson are all equally clever and smart. I liked how they use there intelligence to solve problems together, no matter how big. All in all, The Rule of Thoughts is worth reading and I recommend it to any young adult who loves an action-packed adventure.

My favorite scene is the end, more specifically the plot twist. I won’t spoil anything but James Dashner is really good at surprising you!

Overall Rating: 4 Stars