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Requiem by Lauren Oliver

The revolution has finally begun and now nowhere is safe. Regulators raid the wilds unrelentingly and Lena and her friends are constantly on the run. As if that’s not enough, the love triangle is getting more and more dramatic. Alex is jealous and hurt, Julian doesn’t know what to do and Lena is caught in a tidal wave of mixed feelings. As Lena fights for her life, and who she loves, Hana is in Portland about to marry the mayor. Eventually their worlds collide and all loose ends are revealed.

What I Thought of Requiem

If you read Pandemonium, you know that it’s ending was explosive. With Lena caught between Julien and Alex and the government striving to eradicate love entirely, this love triangle couldn’t get more dramatic. With no dull moment and lots of suspense Requiem, this novel exceeded my expectations but doesn’t deserve the five stars.

Requiem had many good qualities. From most of the plot to the characters, there’s much to love about this novel. First off, I loved the different point of views, or more specifically how they connected. The author pulled this off brilliantly, and it was nice to hear a different character’s voice. This brings me to Lena and Hana’s character growth. As I read the alternating POVs both characters grew in more ways than I could imagine. Lena went from the Cowardly Lion to a Katniss, while Hana went from an obedient follower to a brave rebel. It made me so happy as they both became better characters. But Lena and Hana weren’t the only characters I enjoyed, Alex, Raven, Tack and Julien were all great too. Alex was incredibly realistic and although he was angry and hurt I couldn’t ever dislike him, and the same goes with Julien who is beyond sweet! Raven and Tack were indescribably awesome! They (obviously) were my favorite characters. Then there is the plot. Loaded with drama and action, you likely will read this book in one night. Seriously, I couldn’t stop reading because I was constantly hungry to read more.

The only thing that I didn’t like about this novel was the cliff-hanger ending. Don’t get me wrong, I always enjoy a well-written cliffhanger, especially one that compels me to read the following book. Except this one frustrated me. A lot. It defeated the purpose of the book!

The most memorable moment of Requiem was when Alex told Lena he didn’t love her and never did. This moment was really surprising and I was heartbroken!

Overall Rating: 4 Stars