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Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Two weeks after Hannah Baker kills herself, Clay Jensen receives a package with seven audiotapes inside. Each side of the tapes tell a story, explaining why Hannah chose to commit suicide. But that’s not all, if you were given the tapes it means you are one of the reasons why. Compelled to find out why he’s on the tapes Clay listens intently to Hannah’s haunting story of betrayal, guilt and reputation.

What I Thought of Thirteen Reasons Why

This book has changed lives. Yes, I’m serious, Thirteen Reasons Why has made teens across the nation recognize the signs of suicide and how to prevent the ending of a life. Through reading this book, I could understand the thoughts and feelings of a suicidal person and I believe that is very valuable.

I could not find anything wrong with this book. From the characters to the plot to the way it was written, everything was flawless. All of the characters, especially the ones on the tapes, seemed incredibly realistic. I felt like I could relate to Clay and feel personally connected to Hannah. The people on the tapes were easy to picture and very lifelike. In addition, both Clay and Hannah were easily likable protagonists. The plot consistently kept me on the edge of my seat, and I almost finished the book in one sitting! Although there wasn’t much action, drama and suspense ran high. Never was there a dull moment or unneccessary one. Everything was evidently thought-through making this a really enjoyable read. On top of that, the way Jay Asher wrote the book was creative and clever. Overall, I loved every bit of this book!

My favorite scene is at the very end when Clay sees Skye in the hallway at school. Obviously I can’t say why, but that moment was very inspirational and provided a brilliant ending.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars