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We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Growing up a Sinclair is anything but easy. The Sinclairs must always be perfect and grow into their astounding riches. Even in her hectic life, Cadence Sinclair Eastman has always had her haven in Beechwood. But after the mysterious accident in Summer 15 that left Cady extremely sick and forgetful, she is going back to her beloved friends and family at Beechwood two years later, determined to get answers about the fateful night in Summer 15.

What I Thought of We Were Liars

The first thing that struck me about this book is how cleverly and almost poetically it was written. It was truly beautifully written, even if it was in a haunted and somewhat disturbing way. That is the next thing that must be mentioned about We Were Liars: although it is a worthwhile read for anyone, I can definitely see how it could be found somewhat disturbing by some readers. So, be warned! Otherwise, this book had wonderful characters, plot, and an awesome plot twist ending!

From the very beginning, I was hooked on this book because of the unique characters. First and foremost, Cady makes We Were Liars 1000x better. Because of her memory issues, Cady makes a brilliant narrator that ups the mystery level by quite a lot. Having it written from her point of view made it feel very realistic and raw, and definitely helped keep the book’s secrets hidden from readers as well as from Cadence!  Next, the relationships between Cady and her family members like Gat and Johnny were incredibly described. One thing that can be hard to explain in books is why certain people are so close, but Lockhart nailed that among many other things.

Second, the plot in We Were Liars was incredible. It balanced the eye-opening personal dramas of the Sinclairs and discovering the real events of tragic mishap perfectly. There weren’t many plot twists, but the endless stream of memories and small, yet significant revelations made this book impossible to put down. What I love the most is that the entire book is about unraveling the accident of Summer 15, yet you don’t really know the full story until the very end. Truthfully,  the ending to We Were Liars should have been obvious, but after seeing everything through Cady’s stubborn eyes for so long, it was shocking to finally come to terms with what really happened. All of this is probably what made me finish this awesome novel in one reading!

Overall, We Were Liars has believable characters, an amazingly unique writing style, and the intense plot. Although I wouldn’t recommend this novel to anyone younger than 11 or 12 because of its kind of terrifying ending, it is a perfect book for mystery and drama lovers. So, I give We Were Liars a well deserved 5 stars.

The most memorable part of this book is without a doubt, the ending. Although many things will be confusing throughout We Were Liars, it all brilliantly ties together in the end. The conclusion shatters everything you thought you knew about these character. So,  if you are looking to have your mind blown, look no farther.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars