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Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz

Prisoner B-3087 follows a Jewish boy named Yanek Gruener, and his astonishing story of survival. Taken away from his home at only ten years old, Yanek had no idea of the horror to come. Sadistic officers, back-breaking labor and death of loved ones are all struggles Yanek had to face as World War II raged around him. Yet with his strong will and courage in the face of adversity, Yanek manages to survive ten concentration camps, and, being the last member of his family, carry on the family name.

What I Thought of Prisoner B-3087

This book really opens your eyes to the atrocities of the Holocaust. It was well-written, and had many details regarding the many concentration camps and the death march. Additionally, the book is almost impossible to put down! I recommend this book to everyone over the age of 12; you won’t be disappointed.

A memorable moment in the novel was when Yanek Gruener helped a dying boy during the death march, instead of taking his food rations. It showed how benevolent Yanek is, and how he didn’t give in to the temptation.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars