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The Selection by Kierra Cass

In Illéa, your life is laid out for you since birth. The caste you and your family belong in determines everything from your income, to your occupation. The only imageway to change any of this is with a process called The Selection. The Selection is a competition between thirty-five girls for the prince’s hand in marriage. If won, you become a princess and your family is elevated to wealth and high status. America Singer, like many other girls eligible for the selection, wants this life for herself and her family, but doing so would result in her leaving behind her secret boyfriend, Aspen. America is torn; it’s either a life she’s dreamed of for ages or a chance for what she never imagined.

What I Thought of The Selection

Honestly, this book was better than what I was expecting. It was a quick and entertaining read that I couldn’t put down, but there was one thing that I didn’t like: the world building. For example, take the reason for Illéa’s existence. China invaded the United States and Russia decides to also invade. But then a man named Gregory Illéa saved the country and named it after himself. In my opinion, that’s a bit absurd and plainly just confusing! Additionally, we are told that America and her family is poor but when they have amenities such as TV and makeup that’s hard to believe. No wonder Prince Maxon had no idea of the poverty in his kingdom! 😉 But looking past all of that, the Selection is a good book with a unique concept and strong characters, and I’ll definitely be reading the next books.

The most memorable part of The Selection is when America first meets Maxon. It was a funny moment and my favorite part of the book.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars