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The One by Kiera Cass

America’s struggled with her feelings for Aspen and Maxon, but finally America has made her choice. Except now there’s bigger problems ahead for America. With southern rebels closing in on the palace, alliances must be made and lives will be lost. Illéa’s future hangs in the balance and America’s just now uncovering all of the truth. Will everything fall into place, or fall apart?

What I Thought of The One

This is easily the best book in The Selection series. Kiera Cass seemingly amped everything up a notch: the romance, the drama, the action, all of it was pushed to the very max. And the best part is it worked for her! You never know what would happen next and just when you thought something was going to work out fine something would come up and change everything. The only reason I give the One four stars instead of five is because I thought there were too many deaths. None of the main characters were killed off, but there were characters that I really liked who died. Overall though, the One, and really the whole Selection series, is a worthwhile read that’s great for any fangirl or bookworm alike.

My favorite part of the One was when America gave up her jewelry so a man could pay off his debts for stealing clothes for his children. This was very generous of America, and a creative solution to the man’s problem.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars