Whirligig by Paul Fleischman

whirligigAfter drunkenly taking the life of 18 year old Lea in a car accident, Brent Bishop embarks on a journey to the four corners of the US to build whirligigs in her memory. As he brings happiness to others with his creations, he must find a way to forgive himself.

What I Thought of Whirligig

Whirligig was an assigned book for school for me, which is why I was expecting it to be really bad, but I was actually pleasantly surprised. For starters, this book didn’t bore me like I was anticipating because it also incorporates the stories of the people who see Brent’s whirligigs. Every time Brent’s story started to get a bit bland, it would switch over to someone else’s viewpoint. It was interesting to read about how his works affected the live’s of people he didn’t know.

Whirligig is certainly not the first book I’ve read about someone who has made a huge mistake and is trying to find themselves. However, it is certainly one of the most realistic and understandable ones. Brent was easy to relate to and an overall good character. Although his character development was obviously the best part of Whirligig, I also really loved how it included the actual building of the whirligigs. I feel like books like these focus so much on the characters that they don’t put as much effort into the other interesting parts. The author did a great job balancing the heavy, important parts with the lighter, easy-to-read parts.

Although I don’t have any real complaints for Whirligig, with its strong character and unique design, it also isn’t the most interesting or suspenseful books. This book is a good one for realistic fiction lovers who enjoy a quick read with a strong theme and lots of character development. For me, Whirligig deserves a respectable 3.5 star rating.

The most memorable part of Whirligig was when Brent met the painter. The painter was a lovely and different character that was a huge part of Brent’s healing, which is why I loved this part so much. It really tied everything that had happened so far into one chapter perfectly.

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars