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The Heir by Kiera Cass

Twenty years after America first entered the Selection and won the heart of prince Maxon, their daughter Eadlyn is of age to find love of her own. The only problem is Eadlyn isn’t looking for romance. If things would go her way, she would never get married and rule Illéa independently. But Eadlyn’s duty is to the public, and with the entire kingdom in a state of tension, a Selection could help lift the strain and let the America and Maxon solve the problem. Eadlyn thinks the Selection will only last three months, but as she gets to know the boys Eadlyn may end up with a ring on her finger.

What I Thought of The Heir

Contrary to popular opinion, I enjoyed this book. The author created a realistic protagonist, with an appealing, original plot that I believe is overlooked by most. Eadlyn was bratty, selfish and probably is the most hated protagonist out there, but at least she wasn’t some boring, “perfect” princess. Instead of being a Cinderella, Eadlyn had a strong, complex personality and acted like her own antagonist, further capturing my interest. The story was also admirably interesting, it took a few risks but it paid off as it was all the more entertaining. For example, the Selection was reversed and Eadlyn (not her twin brother) was to become the ruler of Illéa. If you are willing to read something a little different, without a conventional protagonist then this book is for you.

The most memorable moment is when Ahren elopes with Camille. Ahren was a favorite character of mine and I was happy that he found someone he loved.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars