Girl On A Wire by Gwenda Bond

girl on a wireFor Jules Maroni, the opportunity for her and her circus family to perform for the Cirque American is absolutely exhilarating. The only downfall is that they will have to compete with their long-time rivals: the Garcias. When Jules begins, all she wants to do is focus on her wire walking, but she is soon faced with family feuds and dark magic that could send her plummeting to her death.

What I Thought of Girl On A Wire

Girl On A Wire was the first circus type book I’ve read (I think) and it did not let me down. First, most of the characters were very strong ones. Although they did crazy stunts and performances for a living, they were actually pretty relatable. Next, the plot was suspenseful and mysterious, with just the perfect touch of magic.

Perhaps my favorite part about this book was the information included about circus families and performances. I loved learning about Bird Millman and specific high wire and trapeze tricks, while also being immersed in an action-packed, magical mystery. Oftentimes, books with specific settings (like a circus setting) miss the opportunity to include interesting details like these, but Girl On A Wire did not disappoint.

One of two things that annoyed me about this book was Jules’ grandmother. At first, she was just a stubborn character which was fine. But as the story progressed she became completely problematic and kind of unnecessary. If she was more of a lovable character the complications she brought would have been tolerable, but really all she did was withhold helpful information and cause issues. I would have enjoyed the story much more if she had been a better character. The other part that was discouraging was the ending. After such a good plot, the anticlimactic reveal felt rushed and way too brief. It made it seem like the mystery factor was not nearly as important as the rest of Girl On A Wire made it out to be.

Overall, this book was an enjoyable read that had strong characters and plot while also including lots of details about circus performances and families. Although the ending kind of let me down and Nan was very aggravating, the romance, mystery, and magic made Girl On A Wire hard to put down. So, I give it 4.5 stars.

The most memorable parts of this book are all of the parts about Remy’s performances. The process of perfecting his stunts was awesome to read about and the performances themselves kept me on the edge of my seat.

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars