The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

the fixerWhen her older, very well-connected sister moves her to D.C., Tess has no idea what she’s in for. Soon, she learns that her sister Ivy once filled the role of “Fixer” at Tess’ new and prestigious high school called Hardwicke. When students had problems, Ivy would fix them. It isn’t long before they both are wrapped up in a scandal much bigger than high school.

What I Thought of The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The Fixer managed to fit an uncountable amount of plot twists, several murders, complicated relationships for all to enjoy, and an accurate description of high school life into one 300 something page book, and that is why it is so good. For starters, there was not a single moment that I was even close to bored while reading. Even in the rare chapters when not much was happening, the word choice and writing style kept me tearing through the book. In the chapters with more action, I was on the edge of my seat with all the secrets, mystery, and scandals. The best part was that although a lot was going on, it never got confusing or hectic.

Next, the characters were brilliant. Tess was witty, stubborn, and spoke fluently in sarcasm. She was the epitome of a good YA heroine, but without becoming predictable. The hilariously reckless Asher, innocently sweet Vivvie, and stoically headstrong Henry all counter-acted Tess’ personality perfectly and led to very interesting friendships. Even Ivy, who completely messed up her role as Tess’ sister, managed to become a lovable and strong character.

Finally, The Fixer was so unforgettable because of how refreshingly different it was. It didn’t feel the need to include the trademark romance or uniform friendships these types of books usually do, but also didn’t let me down as a young adult novel at all. So if you are looking for a fast-paced book with amazing characters and secrets aplenty, look no further than 5 star rated The Fixer.

The most memorable part of this book is when Tess finally learns the truth of why her and Ivy’s relationship is the way it is. It is probably the biggest and most surprising reveal of The Fixer, but to not spoil anything I will just say that I did not see it coming at all, making it my favorite part of this book.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars