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Lying Out Loud by Kody Keplinger

Sonny lies about everything. That’s all she’s ever known. Whether it’s about her dad being in prison, or the reason her mom kicked her out, Sonny struggles to tell the truth as she’s afraid of what others will think. Her friend Amy is the only person Sonny tells everything to honestly. They even share a nemesis Ryder who ironically likes Amy. And when Ryder emails Amy asking her out, Sonny sees the perfect prank opportunity. Except as they talk Sonny realizes that she might actually like Ryder. But here’s the catch, Ryder thinks he was talking to Amy. Sonny is once again caught in an elaborate lie, and now she’s starting to regret it.

What I Thought of Lying Out Loud

At times, it’s good to have your expectations broken, but not for Lying Out Loud. With The Duff being such a great novel, I thought Lying Out Loud would have more of the same great characters and creative concept. Instead, however, I got an exasperating main character and an uneventful plot. I’ll admit, I did enjoy aspects of the concept in Lying Out Loud but nothing close to what I had anticipated. This was disappointing to me and I almost didn’t read the whole book! To tell the truth, (pun unintended) the book was dull, predictable and really nothing happened. To put it lightly, this was a very hard book to enjoy. So why did I even give this book three stars? Well, like I said earlier I liked the concept of a compulsive liar being the lead role. Kody Keplinger has some great ideas, but the execution in this book was poor. On the other hand, I do hope Kody Keplinger won’t be a one-hit wonder, and I’ll surely read another one of her books.

A memorable moment in Lying Out Loud was when Sonny was confronted by Amy’s parents. It’s one of the best scenes in the novel!

Overall Rating: 3 Stars