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The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

Ponyboy Curtis is an outsider. He and his two brothers, Sodapop and Darry live without parents in the poor side of town. Known as “Greasers” they rival with “Socs”, the west-side rich kids who beat up Ponyboy and his friend, Johnny. When Ponyboy and his friend Johnny are outnumbered in the park by the “Socs”, Johnny panics and kills one of the “Socs”. Now Johnny and Ponyboy are on the run and the police are after them for murder. Even though it was self-defense, who will believe them when all the stereotypes are weighing against them?

What I Thought of The Outsiders

There’s a reason why this novel is viewed as a YA classic by critics and teens alike. The Outsiders is a suspenseful, appealing read with notable themes and lovable characters. Usually, I don’t like the summer reading books that my county provides but this book wasn’t like the rest. Instead of being dull and childish, The Outsiders was action-packed and thoughtful. It gives a realistic interpretation of gang activity in the 1960’s and showed me how I shouldn’t judge people based on status or wealth. In addition, I loved the characters who were smart, kind and tough. All in all, the Outsiders, with all it has to teach us about stereotypes and kindness, is an impressive read that deserves it’s critical acclaim.

The most memorable moment in this novel is when Ponyboy and Johnny save the little kids from the burning church. It was heroic, and showed both Ponyboy and Johnny’s true character and selflessness.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars