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It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

At 5 a.m. Sunday morning, Craig’s suicidal ideation gets him checked into Argenon Hospital. Craig is stressed out by his school’s intense academic pressure, his inability to fit in, and his crush on Nia, who’s dating his best friend. Initally, Craig feels like he shouldn’t be in the psychiatric hospital, but as he meets some other patients just like him, he may be able to finally confront his depression.

What I Thought of It’s Kind of a Funny Story

The synopsis this book gives doesn’t sound very funny but believe me, if you take a chance on this book you won’t regret it! With lots of humor, a great message and interesting story I absolutely enjoyed this novel. The best part of It’s Kind of a Funny Story is the humor. Lighthearted and witty, I found myself laughing quite often. Because it’s such a sad concept, the humor really lifted up the story. The plot in this book is also fantastic.  It’s realistic, original and well-done. The author was actually hospitalized briefly for depression himself, so he was able to connect with those of the same problems, and educate the rest of the public. This is why It’s Kind of a Funny Story provides such a great message. It teaches us that mental illness is no ones fault and it’s a curable problem with the right help and support. So if you are looking for a new wonderful read, It’s Kind of a Funny Story will surely satisfy you.

The end is the best part of It’s Kind of a Funny Story. It’s heartfelt and I’m glad it concluded the way it did.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars