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The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

The fifth wave is in full swing when Cassie, Ben and the other group members escape Vosch to an abandoned hotel. Cassie faithfully waits for Evan’s return, but the other group members know they can’t stay for long as Vosch and his army of brainwashed children are hunting them down. Ringer takes the responsibility of finding a new location and after scouting out a few locations, Ringer finds caves that would shelter the group for the winter. But before telling the rest of the group, she is captured by Vosch. Will Evan return? What happens to Ringer? And most importantly, will the group survive? Read the book to find out!

What I Thought of The Infinite Sea

Everything is kicked up a notch in this stunning sequel to the 5th Wave. With even more characters, the same fast-paced storytelling and a clever plot twist you’ll never see coming, this book will please all fans of the previous novel. In the last book, Cassie grouped up with Ben and those from his military barrack which means we get to follow some more awesome characters! All of the characters have unique personalities and it’s interesting to see how the different characters react to a crisis and surviving without adults. Also, in this novel you really grow to love Poundcake! In addition to that, the Infinite Sea is action-packed and is never dull. Rick Yancey utilizes the same multiple POVs to tell his story which, although is still sort of confusing, makes the Infinite Sea fast-paced and captivating. And with a plot twist that blows minds, there’s no reason to dislike this book. I can’t wait for the sequel!

The most memorable part of this book is the plot twist mentioned above, again I am not spoiling anything! You have to read the book.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars