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Paper Towns by John Green

Quentin and Margo used to be best friends, living right across the street from each other in Florida the two would play at the park together. Nine years later, Quentin and Margo had gone their separate ways until one night when Margo sneaks into Quentin’s room asking for help in a revenge plot. After a night of pranks, vandalism and break ins, Margo has disappeared. Quentin is desperate to find her and with a few of his friends and a series of clues, he embarks on a journey that he will never forget.

What I Thought of Paper Towns

I usually am not a big fan of romance novels because I feel like they are repetitive and dull. However, I decided to keep an open-mind and take a chance on this book, and I’m glad I did. This is not your classic sappy romance novel; Paper Towns is a compelling read with its smart characters and fast-paced plot. But what really separates Paper Towns from other YA fiction is its message. This book leads you on a wild adventure but ends with a thoughtful finish, providing needed closure while also making you think.

The most memorable moment was, like many books are, at the end. John Green sets readers up for a dramatic ending but instead he ends the novel with a surprising plot-twist.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars