Genres of Reviewed Novels

Action & Adventure

If you like extreme car chases, martial arts or fighting, heroism, adventure and a little bit of blood and gore, action/adventure is the genre for you. Unlike some books, action and adventure novels seem to always keep you on your feet wondering what will happen next in the adventure. Moreover, these kind of books usually have a strong lead character, so you rarely get confused and are more involved with the story. With action/adventure’s unpredictability and swift pace, this genre suits mostly boys but we know many girls who enjoy them too so give it a try, you might like it more than you think!

Drama & Romance

Drama and romance take up of most of the popular young adult fiction, for it’s intruiging plot and powerful emotions. Most of the time, these kind of books have more than one main character with some intense personalities and feelings. Additionally, there is almost always romance so the plot mainly focuses on the dramatics of the lovers’ relationship or the commotion going on around because of them. With all of this, drama/romance is favorited by girls and is commonly found in most young adult novels.


If you like realistic fiction, fantasy will seem unrealistic and boring but to some fantasy is interesting, fun and appealing. Fantasy, like action/adventure, contains one lead hero or heroine and has an adventurous, but imaginary, plot. Sometimes it seems like the author’s imagination is just pouring out onto the paper with the wealth of fictitious animals. Think of fairytales but with a better plot and longer story. All in all, fantasy is great for any gender, although younger kids prefer it more than adults. Try it! Daydreamers especially seem to love these books, you might too.

Historical Fiction

Anyone who enjoys history loves this genre. Historical fiction is a book filled with history but with a hero (or heroine) thrown in to add to the excitement of the famous event. As you follow the character you get to experience all of the action and learn something at the same time. Sometimes the plot revolves around a well known event like World War Two and other times it can be something many have never heard of like the battle of Saratoga so it almost always is different. For history fanatics and bookworms alike, historical fiction is for you!


Questions, questions, questions! Mystery seems to always highlight a question. So if you are a question person you might enjoy this genre! With its unpredictability you seem to always be trying to solve the mystery and reading more and more. The characters, usually, are the same way so it really feels like you are part of the story. Mystery is neither for boys or girls, young or old, so anyone can enjoy this genre!


It’s in the name, this is not fiction! Some people avoid this genre because it sounds kind of textbooky but really non-fiction is not only stuffed with info but is action packed and fun to read. The characters you might even meet! And sometimes it feels good to know mankind is trying to make the world a better place. And it’s cool to know it’s true for once! If you want to be uplifted or just want to hear something that’s true, non-fiction is for you.

Realistic Fiction

Why read about something that doesn’t have anything to do in real life? If this is a question you tend to ask yourself or your friends then you probably enjoy realistic fiction. This genre is very real like with relatable characters, factual settings and actual problems people may face in reality. The people who read this love to hear about people who overcome their hardships and turn what seems like adversity into their advantage. Most characters are very strong but have a very caring, kind side. This is one of the most popular genres, read to see why!


Science fiction surprisingly isn’t too closely linked with science. Usually sci-fi is considered to be anything futuristic and no, it is not about your latest science experiment! Science fiction normally has one or more main characters and is typically set in a dystopian setting with lots of problems. That makes up the center of the plot and main characters motives to fix it. By pleasing both genders and readers of all ages, sci-fi is definitely something to consider and can possibly contain aspects of other genres that you may like!


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