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A Million Suns by Beth Revis

It’s been three months since Amy was unplugged, and so far, a lot has happened on Godspeed. Together, Amy and Elder have solved the murder mystery, uncovered Godspeed’s deepest and darkest secrets, and took control of the ship. With Elder being the new leader of Godspeed, he is determined to right all of Eldest’s misdeeds. This means no more drugs in the water and, most importantly, no more lies. But after learning shocking news about Godspeed, Elder and Amy must untangle the string of lies that has carried the weight of the entire ship for centuries. And with the ship on the verge of collapsing into total chaos, there’s only one solution: they have to get off Godspeed, and fast.

What I Thought of A Million Suns

In many ways, I enjoyed A Million Suns more than it’s successor, Across the Universe. There was evident growth in Elder’s character, a host of nail-biting action and drama, along with more of the same great world building. In A Million Suns, Elder has transformed from an shallow follower to a smart, confident leader with a complex personality and opinions. This really emphasized how Amy affected Elder to follow his heart and come into his own, instead of shadowing Eldest. It also highlighted Elder’s strengths and weaknesses and how they compared to Eldest, or other characters such as Amy. Another component I liked about A Million Suns was how Beth Revis hooked readers with anticipation and exciting scenes. My middle school english teachers have always taught me to use the topic sentence to hook your audience, but in A Million Suns Beth Revis treats every sentence this way. If you aren’t riveted by the suspensful discoveries or tense fighting, you are preparing for it. That, unless you are witnessing Beth Revis’s fantastic world building! To paint a picture of being aboard Godspeed, Beth Revis utilizes realistic social structure, politics and psychology which will please anyone who fancies his/her novels to be reasonable, like me. 🙂 With all this, I will surely be reading the sequel soon!

The best and most memorable part of A Million Suns is the ending. If you thought the first plot-twist was jaw-dropping, just wait until you read this one!

Overall Rating: 5 Stars